As on- and offline distribution grows for Shades of Teale we’ll announce it here.

Purchase Shades of Teale, the Story of Teale Covey, from Amazon Canada

Amazon Canada

We’re happy to announce that you can now order Shades of Teale online at Amazon.ca.

Order Shades of Teale Online at Indigo CanadaIndigo Canada

We’re pleased as punch that you can now order Shades of Teale online at Indigo Canada – Indigo? Teale? I’m sensing a theme!

Autographed Copies

We will be making a limited number of personally autographed copies available from the author. Email us if you’d like to be notified when this option is available.

If You’ve Already Purchased Teale

If you’ve purchased Shades of Teale through another channel we will be happy to send you a personally signed Bookplate from Author Susan Crossman with proof of purchase.

How You Can Help

Tell your favorite bookseller, whether online or ‘bricks & mortar’, that Shades of Teale would make a great addition to their inventory. They can request distribution through University of Toronto Press Distribution.